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Teaching pools - notifications regarding issues

Jun 03, 2019 01:33 PM

With the opening of the common pool and E-exam center, there are now various teaching pools being administered by the University IT Services. Further ones at other locations will be added, where bwLehrpool is also offered. Therefore, in order to be able react quickly, the University IT Services relies on notifactions when a problem arises.

Nowadays, there are multiple PC pools that are run along the university PC pool concept. It abstracts between the different levels, so that the hardware (local PCs and printers), the operation system level (bwLehrpool, local installation) and the course content level can exist in different spheres of responsibility.

PCs in the rooms: There are multiple reasons why a PC in one of the pool rooms might not work. Oftentimes, it´s simply because a power cable or monitor cable isn´t connected correctly or due to a powerless mini switch. Check this first (or ask the course participants to do so). If the problem persists, notify the IT Services consultation (Werthmanstraße 4) or write an email to betrieb@rz.uni-freiburg.de, indicating the room and PC number (at computer center or Werthmanstraße 4). At the other locations, please inform the local admins. Even though the rooms are under surveillance, it is difficult to detect when a PC isn´t running, since there´s no user sitting in front of it or it really isn´t usable.

Operating system: Should the PC freeze during the booting process or the logging not be possible, please first check if other PCs have the same problem. In this case, please notify the local IT Services consultation and pools@rz.uni-freiburg.de

Virtual work environments: These are usually in the control of the teacher, which is visible in the meta data of the image (visible in the VM Chooser after the graphic log-in). There are various so-called template images that are maintained by the bwLehrpool team or the IT Services, respectively (when encountering any problems, please contact the person responsible as soon as possilbe). Please note that the configurations (Home integrations, common replacement drive, printer,...) don´t have to be identical in all images. This should be checked before performing a course. This works at any time and there, where the image is provided.

Please also notify someone regarding a faulty PC even when there are enough work stations for your course. It could be that the following course or an E-exam might need all PCs. The earlier IT Services hears about the issue, the faster we can react or forward the message, respectivley. You can also use the IT Services helpdesk number 4666 and ask for the information to be forwarded via ticket. There are phones in the computer center on the ground floor (staircase, right side) or at the desk at Werthmanstraße 4.

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